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Using AI to Bring Students and Teachers Together

Edward Tian, founder of GPTZero, and Princeton graduate Hannah Kapoor discuss how education must place a new emphasis on digital literacy and critical thinking.

Key Takeaways

  • Students must be taught to verify AI-produced texts and promote transparency. Establishing a culture of fear around AI can negatively impact the classroom and students’ future employability.
  • Edward Tian, founder of GPTZero, discusses how New York City Public Schools initially banned ChatGPT, but opinions have shifted on generative AI’s use in education since the technology is here to stay. New York City Public Schools reversed the ban in May 2023.
  • GPTZero has launched a Chrome extension called Origin to help students and teachers identify and understand the problems with AI-produced texts, empowering them to think responsibly when using AI.
  • Princeton graduate Hannah Kappor states there is fear among students that they will be wrongfully accused of using AI because there is a lack of guidance on how to use these tools.
  • Education is about finding our voice and communicating our thoughts, ideas, and feelings with others, and it is important to help students understand this and utilize tools like ChatGPT to develop their voice and imagination.
  • AI tools in education can benefit both students and teachers by promoting critical thinking, better communication, and expanding possibilities. To achieve this, a future model should merge detection, generation, and verification, empowering students to use AI while communicating effectively with teachers.
  • AI can enhance communication and collaboration in education, but a personal connection should be maintained. Teachers should stay updated on AI and build a community for knowledge sharing. Avoiding a culture of fear, fostering trust, and utilizing resources are important aspects. The impersonal nature of AI-written responses should be acknowledged, and efforts should be made to bring back the personal connection in feedback.
  • Students should be encouraged to explore and experiment with new ideas using AI. While AI is powerful, humans are the most important aspect of education, and teachers should understand its implications and take a stance on its use in the classroom.

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