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Here’s What Happened at AI Academy ’23

Discover outcomes and resources from Course Hero’s AI Academy 2023.

As we wrap up the inaugural cohort of Course Hero’s AI Academy, I feel humbled. Over 350 educators from around the world dedicated four weeks of their time to investigating AI in education and reinventing their pedagogy. 

I had the pleasure of serving as co-facilitator in one section of the program, and one thing that stood out to me was the genuine curiosity of folks—asking thoughtful questions, actively testing AI tools, and challenging one another to see different perspectives. Being a facilitator reminded me why I love the teaching profession: being able to learn alongside students. And when those students are also educators, the learning is robust. 

To the other facilitators, our guest speakers, and all who attended AI Academy 2023, I thank you for your hard work, your adaptability, and your many great ideas. Our next AI Academy will be in Spring 2024, and I can’t wait to see how we’ll improve and grow with our next cohort.

Sean Michael Morris
Vice President, Academics
Course Hero

What is AI Academy?

AI Academy is a four-week professional development course aimed at supporting educators in leveraging AI technologies in their classrooms. Course Hero hosted its first AI Academy cohort from October 2–27, 2023. This year’s course covered four sections, with each section lasting one week.

During the four-week course, participants exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and collectively solved challenges by tapping into diverse perspectives from other faculty. Those who completed the program and the final assignment gained 10 continuing education units (CEUs) and a Certification in Teaching with AI.

Collaborative Community Hours

Every Friday, AI Academy facilitators held optional community hours where participants came together to offer takeaways from the week. These sessions gave educators space to discuss how they’re testing AI tools in their classrooms, share successes they witnessed with their students, and address any lingering concerns about the technology.

As the program progressed, there was a noticeable shift in sentiment during community hours. While there were initial concerns surrounding academic integrity, participants seemed less fearful of AI tools after experimenting with them. Not only were participants able to consider ethical AI use by students, but they witnessed the benefits of these tools for their own teaching practices.

Informative Webinars 

Many participants expressed their appreciation for the weekly webinars hosted by faculty and college students. These exclusive webinars expanded on each week’s designated topic including assessment design, how students use AI, and academic integrity. 

Participants also received invitations for their students to join a free webinar on learning with AI. The webinar helped students gain a deeper understanding of GenAI and its function, taught them how to be responsible citizens in the age of AI, and helped them understand the competitive advantage GenAI can provide in their future job search. 

AI Academy Outcomes

When asked about preparedness in utilizing AI, participants’ viewpoints shifted heavily after taking the four-week course. 

  • Before AI Academy, a quarter of participants said they didn’t feel prepared at all using AI for teaching. 
  • By the end of the course, 90% of teachers said they felt somewhat or fully prepared to use AI tools in the classroom.

Similar results were seen when participants rated their understanding of AI and its use in education. 

  • Before AI Academy, 93% of participants rated their understanding of AI and its use in education as beginner or intermediate. 
  • After just four weeks, 74% rated their understanding as intermediate or advanced. 

These results point to the value of AI-focused professional development. AI is and will continue to be an inevitable part of the modern workforce. By prioritizing teacher training and student knowledge surrounding AI, the technology becomes less scary and easier to engage with.

AI Academy Resources

If you’re new to AI and are looking for resources to explore on your own, check out the articles and videos below. These resources come from facilitators and speakers of AI Academy 2023, as well as from our Faculty Club community. 

From Our Facilitators:

From Our Guest Speakers:

From Faculty Club:

Looking Ahead: AI Academy Spring 2024

At Course Hero, we’re committed to staying up to date on literature and conversations surrounding AI in education. The next AI Academy will be in Spring 2024, which you can sign up for at this link to save $50 on registration. 

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