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Instructors Engage Students through Digital Projects Funded by Course Hero

Learn more about the recipients of Course Hero’s inaugural teaching grant and the digital projects they created to engage students.

Teaching with technology can open new opportunities for learning; but more than that, technology helps us discover our world, surface important issues, and propose humane solutions to the challenges we face today. 

“This is just the beginning.”

This was the response from Joanne A. Williams, Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at Olivet College, when we asked about the project she created using Course Hero’s Teaching Grant.

Her school lies within a news desert (an area where there is a lack of local news coverage)—and so she created a digital media project for her students to explore, connect with the community, and create their own news “oasis” so to speak.

And it’s just the beginning.

Over the past year, Course Hero has expanded its commitment to helping educators teach more effectively with technology. The 2022 teaching grant was designed to support creative, innovative teaching that engaged students in more than 29,000 hours of digital projects–from video game making to 3D printing for sustainable architectural design. 

More than 350 educators applied for 50 grants of up to $2,000 each. Applications were assessed for their use of technology to explore issues of diversity, equity, sustainability, and justice, and for the way in which they engaged students in critical thinking about technology. 

What transpired from these projects went far beyond the classroom.

Jennifer Vidrine at Paul Quinn College addressed food insecurity by starting an app with her students that connected her campus farm to the local community.

Jennifer Newton’s students at Ohio University’s School of Education created public service announcements to help others understand misconceptions about disabilities and the impact of common euphemisms and ableism.

Students in Eileen Wallis’s history class at California State Polytechnic University Pomona created digital field trips for the thousands of elementary students who visit the Historical Society of the Pomona Valley—thus allowing students of all abilities to have an enriching and immersive experience.

For students in Garry Yates’s class at Clark Atlanta University, career readiness was the theme as they created ePortfolios for potential employers.

The list of innovative projects goes on, but I will stop there and allow you to explore the 50 projects yourself.

Course Hero is committed to supporting classroom changemakers–teachers and students–whose exploration of technology is reshaping education.

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