Technology & AI

Unlock the potential of digital tools for fostering critical thinking in the classroom. Learn how and when to use technology to create interactive and accessible learning experiences.

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Elevate Your Teaching Productivity with GenAI

Jeremy Caplan explores AI tools and explains how they can can enhance productivity and improve student engagement.

Assessment Design with AI

Manal Saleh discusses how educators should embrace and experiment with AI tools to incorporate them into teaching.

AI How-To Guide for Teachers

Edward Tian, founder of GPTZero, discusses how to collaborate with AI in the classroom to enhance learning and critical thinking.

3 Steps to Building a Digital Toolkit for Student Engagement

Using digital tools in the classroom can greatly enhance student engagement and create a more interactive and efficient learning environment.

The Promise and Perils of GenAI in Higher Education

This video features a panel discussion on the role of generative AI in education and ethical considerations surrounding AI use.

Using AI to Bring Students and Teachers Together

Edward Tian, founder of GPTZero, and Princeton graduate Hannah Kapoor discuss how education must place a new emphasis on digital literacy and critical thinking.

Preparing Your Students for an AI-Enabled Future

Instructional designer William Hardaway explores how AI can support personalized learning, enhance assessments, and create adaptive learning environments.

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Cultivating Critical Editing Skills with GenAI [Free Checklist]

Embrace generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in the classroom by teaching students critical editing and fact-checking skills.

Grading with AI: An Ethical How-To Guide for Teachers

In this piece, learn how to use generative AI tools in ethical ways to enhance and speed up your grading practices.

How to Cite AI Tools: A Guide for Students

Learn how to uphold academic integrity and responsible research with generative AI tools.

Equity & AI: Bridging the Digital Divide Surrounding AI Tools

Learn how educators can bridge the equity gap by ensuring students receive both access to AI and the skills necessary to navigate school.

Here’s What Happened at AI Academy ’23

Discover outcomes and resources from Course Hero’s AI Academy 2023.

Bridging Pedagogy and Generative Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Arendt-Bunds explores a key question: How can we integrate GenAI with human-centered pedagogy while keeping the curriculum meaningful?

“Faculty are Hungry for This”: Why One Teacher Embraces AI in Education

Stephanie Speicher, Digital Fluency Faculty in Residence at Weber State University, explains how AI tools like ChatGPT are leading a necessary shift in how educators teach and learn.

5 Strategies for Teaching AI Literacy to Students

Elevate classroom AI literacy with 5 strategies to skillfully engage with AI.

8 Ways to Use Generative AI for Student Assessment

Dr. Anne Arendt-Bunds shares ideas and prompts for using generative AI in the classroom.

Instructors Engage Students through Digital Projects Funded by Course Hero

Learn more about the recipients of Course Hero’s inaugural teaching grant and the digital projects they created to engage students.

6 Teachers on TikTok You Should Be Following

With millions of students on TikTok, it’s the perfect channel for providing learning content. Here are 6 TikTok influencers that are helping college students and teachers learn and thrive in the classroom.

5 Ways to Make Online Classes More Engaging

Anatomy and Physiology can be intimidating, especially online. By showing her human side, Kelli Roberts, MS, makes the class relatable—and fun.

4 Ways to Help Students Overcome Math Anxiety Using Tech

To help students overcome math anxiety, Edouard Tchertchian, MS, turned to tech they all know and love: their smartphones.

11 Online Teaching Tactics for Better Student Engagement

Course Hero gathered more than 120 college faculty to discuss their experiences with online teaching. These are some highlights from the event.

 5 EdTech Tools for an Online Anatomy and Physiology Class

Dr. Nick Roster uses an array of technologies to enhance content, motivate students, and virtually dissect organs from the comfort of home.

4 Ways to Engage Students with Classroom Tech

Award-winning instructor Dr. George Ashline shares his advice for engaging students with smart boards, classroom capture, and more.

Professor Dave Explains: 6 Teaching Tips for Making Engaging Class Videos

You are ready to make a video of a lesson—but where do you start? Dave Farina, MA, explains his process—and his path to YouTube stardom.

5 Tips for Using Instagram to Improve Student Engagement

A special Instagram account helps Christie Novak, DBA, CPA, connect with her accounting students—and gives learning a whole new look.

Using Technology to Improve Engagement in Large Classes

Dr. Alisa Krishtal shares her strategies for driving engagement in a 100-student chemistry class by adopting easy-to-use, high-tech tools.

Video-Making Tips for Connecting with Students

Online math professor Dan Gryboski, MS, has created hundreds of short instructional videos—and his tips explain how you can easily do the same.

Ebooks / Printables [6]

Syllabus Essentials: The Ethical Learner: GenAI Checklist

This essential checklist helps teachers educate their students on using GenAI conscientiously for homework, research, and writing.

Making the Most of AI to Enhance Your Teaching [Free Ebook]

Learn how AI can help you recapture time to devote to the aspects of teaching most meaningful to you.

Student Activities for Building Ethical AI Literacy [Free Workbook]

This workbook offers interactive exercises that can be used to foster dialogue in the classroom about responsible learning with generative AI.

Enhancing Student Learning with Creative Video Projects [Free Ebook]

Learn how to foster creativity and promote active learning with video projects.

Practices in Digital Pedagogy: Evaluating Digital Tools [Free Ebook]

Jesse Stommel, PhD, provides practical guidance on evaluating the accessibility of digital tools, and how to make informed decisions when selecting tools for use in the classroom.

3 Effective TikTok Projects to Engage Your Students [Free Ebook]

Angelita Howard, EdD, MBA-PM, MA, outlines three TikTok classroom project ideas she uses with her students to improve engagement.