Delve into thought-provoking articles, transformative strategies, and insightful perspectives that will challenge your teaching philosophy and empower you to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive classroom communities.

Videos [7]

Dismantling Inequality in Education: How to Foster Diversity & Empathy in Your Classroom

Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz addresses bias and inequality in education and explains how teachers can be agents of change.

Advancing Digital Literacy and Racial Equity

Detra Price-Dennis and Siovahn Williams explore the importance of advancing digital literacy and racial equity in education.

Inclusive Teaching Strategies You Can Implement This Week

Stephanie Malmberg explores practical strategies for educators to make their teaching more inclusive of all students.

Cultivating a Sense of Belonging in Your Classroom

Dr. Lainey Sevillano discusses how a students’ sense of belonging in their academic environment can positively impact their psychosocial and educational outcomes.

Inclusive Teaching Strategies You Can Implement This Week

Stephanie Malmberg uncovers practical techniques to intentionally include and celebrate the intersecting identities and experiences students bring to the table.

What Should a Culture of Caring Look Like in Higher Education?

In this panel discussion, faculty and students share empathetic communication techniques and inclusive practices that promote the well-being and growth of every student.

Black Presence Matters: Pandemic, Protest, and the Urgency of Online Education

This session took place during Course Hero’s 2020 virtual Education Summit, from July 29-31, as a part of the State of Higher Education track.

Articles [9]

Be an Ally, Not a Bystander: Faculty Edition

This article explores what it means to be an educator ally and provides practical steps for how you can embrace this role.

How to Incorporate LGBTQ+ History into Your Curriculum

LGBTQ+ History Month is in October. This article provides ways to increase visibility of queer changemakers and expand students’ worldview.

Equity & AI: Bridging the Digital Divide Surrounding AI Tools

Learn how educators can bridge the equity gap by ensuring students receive both access to AI and the skills necessary to navigate school.

5 Ways to Prevent Inequities in Group Projects

Through research and experimentation, biology instructor Dr. Cristina Gheorghiu has discovered ways to encourage equitable student collaboration.

Equity in Grading: Do’s and Don’ts to Promote Fairness

Paralegal studies professor Jesse Raskin, JD, challenges popular beliefs about grading to promote student motivation and deeper learning.

Women in STEM: 5 Thoughtful Ways to Recruit and Retain Them

Inspired by her own experience, statistics professor Miaoyan Wang, PhD, shares how to help female students thrive in STEM subjects.

5 Tips to Support College Students with Disabilities

Janae Nelson Raymond, MS, taught high school special education students before she taught college. Here, her tips for helping all students succeed.  

Welcome to Learn: How to Create a Comfortable Space for Growth

To create a culture of caring, Tamara Coleman, PhD, gets to know her anatomy and physiology students as more than physical beings.

Address Diversity Issues with a Social Location Essay

To help future therapists understand the diverse backgrounds and needs of their clients, this professor has students look inward.

Ebooks / Printables [5]

How to Help Students Bridge Cultural Gaps [Free Ebook]

Nicole Young, PhD, provides a series of exercises to help broaden students’ appreciation of diverse perspectives and responses.

Practical Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching [Free Ebook]

Jill Purdy, EdD, shares several essential components of culturally responsive teaching, such as funds of knowledge and Universal Design for Learning.

Practices in Anti-Racist Pedagogy [Free Ebook + Templates]

Angel Montoya, EdD, offers resources and practical strategies for educators looking to create more inclusive and equitable classrooms.

Cultivating a Sense of Belonging in Your Classes [Free Ebook]

Lalaine Sevillano, PhD, shares practical strategies for empowering students, creating an inclusive classroom, and fostering community.

Accessibility Tips for Invisible Barriers in Class [Free Ebook]

Malynda Mabbitt, EdD, shares how teachers can help students with invisible barriers feel empowered and motivated, even on their most challenging days.